Aim high

Aim high
...use technology to tackle the biggest challenges of our time

We have all these amazing tools at our finger tips so why wouldn't you want to use them to help solve big challenges? The world is changing rapidly around us we need to get clever about how we apply technology to things that really matter.

There's some amazing stuff happening - from MPESA allowing millions of people to access mobile banking, to Usahidi a platform that crowd-sources information during times of crises and 13 year olds developing super efficient solar trees.

It is not always the answer but lets make sure we put the potential to great use. Who needs farming games when you can build real life farming solutions? 

What You Can Do

Learn the basics

Sign up for a short class on how to make simple hardware projects e.g. Technology Will Save Us

Learn the basics II

Learn to code with Decoded, Code Academy or if you are younger Coder Dojo

Connect with others

Get involved with groups like Cleanweb and meet up with one of their local nodes eg. CleanwebUK

Start a project

Have an idea and need somewhere to build it? Get making at a local hackspace or fablab.

Further Reading: 

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is the human heart of innovation missing?

Really want to some more:

Read about the big challenges we're facing in our food and energy systems.

Psst... do something!

Enough reading, time to go and experiment