Connect people and the world around you
A lot of us are spending more time in virtual reality and less time beyond our screens. But connecting with nature and face to face conversations are important for our wellbeing and mental health. So can we have the best of both worlds - a hi-tech and a hi-nature lifestyle? 

From health tracking apps to meeting new friends through social media – fusing online and offline is when things get really exciting.

What You Can Do

Get a Wild App

Find time based wild things for you and your kids to do on your doorstep. Download here

5-9 Microadventure

Spend a night sleeping outside, document your journey and inspire others. Want to know how - this will show you the way.

Meet face to face

Turn an online connection into an offline one. Meet for a coffee and see where that takes you.

Build a community

Pioneer a new kind of social space that serves your local communitiy through co-creation and co-learning

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Shut down your computer and find some fun.