...stuff that matters instead of just consuming

Absorbed for hours by an avalanche of content but not sure you have come out of it any richer? Perhaps digital technology breaks down into two types:

  • 'Junk food' - occasionally just what you want but times you consume and just want more. e.g. certain social sites
  • The variety. Helps you do things or go places you have not before. e.g. airbnb or stargazing apps

Ok. It is a bit of a simplification but perhaps a balanced technology diet would involve more of the latter with the odd 'junk food' treat.

Want to take it further? Become a creator. Obviously not everyone is going to become advanced programmers but it is remarkable what you can achieve with just a few simple skills in your back pocket.


What You Can Do

Learn the basics

Sign up for a short class on how to make simple hardware projects e.g. Technology Will Save Us

Learn the basics II

Learn to code with Decoded, Code Academy or if you are younger Coder Dojo

Fix your stuff

Something broken or needs an upgrade. You can do it yourself

Start a project

Have an idea and need somewhere to build it? Get making at a local hackspace or fablab.

Further Reading: 

Some short(ish) articles:

Want more….

here's a short film: Understanding the Maker movement 

Really want to read in depth:

Oh and most importantly MAKE STUFF THAT MATTERS

Erm... you still here?

Hope we're not distracting you?