...on getting the most from technology without the distractions

We’re often told technology is the answer and will improve the way we live, work, connect and communicate - and it certainly helps. But do you find yourself aimlessly checking your email or your facebook account? Do you ever feel overwhelmed or hopelessly distracted?


Well so do we. So we think the first step is to understand how each of us uses and interacts with technology before we go any further.

What You Can Do

Mobile mindfulness

Try using one of the clever mindfulness apps for a while - like Buddhify or Headspace

Test yourself
#unplug, the guide

Check out Fast Company's step by step guide to navigating the world without an internet connection 

Go totally email free!
If IBM and Atos can do it – why can’t you? 
Further Reading: 

Some Short(ish) articles:

Want more....'s a great TED talk Alone Together from Sherry Turkle

Really want to read in depth: 


Psst... go away!

You've read plenty now surely?