The FutureScapes project brought together some of Europe’s best thinkers, doers, writers and inventors. The brief was to explore how technology can help us live better, more sustainable lives in 2025. FutureScapes was an award winning open innovation project run by Forum for the Future and Sony Europe.

As part of the project we developed a set of future scenarios, or stories about 2025 and a world that is very different from today. It’s not about predicting the future but about imagining and building the possibilities. The scenarios are designed to inspire people and help organisations think about what kinds of products and services they could have a place in 2025.

To come up with genuinely innovative solutions we needed to try approaches that make us think differently and beyond ‘business as usual’. This is why Forum for the Future worked in partnership with Sony Europe, leading futurologists, social commentators and experts from the fields of design, technology and sustainability from across the world– and invited contributions from the general public – to develop four 2025 scenarios from the infinite number of futures ahead of us.
Intended to be seen as a creative and playful thought-starter,
“FutureScapes 2025 is not about making predictions or sharing Sony’s vision of the future. It’s about engaging a wide variety of people in thinking about the various opportunities and challenges the world will have in 14 years’ time and how we can use technology for positive outcomes to create better and more sustainable lifestyles.”
Esther Maughan Mclachlan, General Manager, Sustainability, Sony Europe
You can view one of the scenario animations below, all four animations on youtube - or download the written scenarios here.



As part of the FutureScapes project we used the scenarios, external voices and the creative responses we received as an imaginative starting point for a series of workshops where we worked on developing future technology concepts that could enable sustainable lifestyles in 2025. Many great ideas emerged from these sessions and we’ve bought a product, a place, a platform and a philosophy to life with help from some brilliant partners.


Not only do these concepts help us address some important sustainability questions but we've actually started to bring these ideas to life in Wandular and IOTA.

Future in Fiction

To paint a vivid picture of what the future may hold, we asked an eclectic mix of authors from across Europe to bring their vision of 2025 to life. From sci-fi to chick-lit, we want all kinds of perspectives.

An author’s perspective - Lesley Lokko’s take on the past, present and future.
We also ran a short story competition with The Guardian to showcase emerging writing talent too. 
Video bloggers

We asked a number of video bloggers from across Europe to record their thoughts on what 2025 will bring and the challenges we will face. What do they imagine life will be like? What would they like to see? Are there things that scare them, or excite them? What role do they think technology might play in this world?


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