...your gadgets longer and everyone wins

Have you ever been told the latest thing will revolutionise EVERYTHING, upgraded and been a bit...well...meh? We are suckers for novelty but often the reality is not quite what we were led to believe. This quest for novelty is having quite an impact though - apparently 100 million phones become obsolete every year.

There are many things in our lives that are useful, last longer and have far greater meaning. Why is our relationship with consumer electronics so temporary? Technology moves on and offers new opportunities but not half as fast as many companies would like you to believe.
So what if we could build devices that last and continue to stay up to date? What if we had devices that we wanted to get fixed...or even fixed them ourselves. What if we could design in durability?

What You Can Do

Hold on to your phone

Due an upgrade? Don't say yes for six months...perhaps a year. The upgrade will seem all the more impressive.

Fix your stuff

Something broken or needs an upgrade. You can do it yourself


Why not sure your lesser used devices with others? The Collabaorative Consumption directory can help you make the links.

Go urban mining!

Search for the precious metals and elements found in all of our devices - pick up some tricks from Raffi an NYC urban gold miner

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Psst... do something!

Enough reading, time to go and experiment