This is Frankie


I'm Frankie, I'm a freelancer - and I've recently been thinking a lot about how I use technology. I feel really conflicted by its amazing usefull-ness, but can see its pitfalls too. So I've been wondering how things could be done differently. I know I'd like to see brands incentivise me to fix my technology, not throw it away, and designers who can help create apps that don't distract me, but really help me focus and connect to the things I love. I also want feel like it's not just me on this journey, but my friends too - I know I can't do this alone.  And if all of that can help solve some of the big challenges ahead too, then bingo!

But here's my story and how it is for me today:

It's awesome because it allows me to work anywhere - on the move, in another country and in my garden sometimes as long the wifi signal is good enough. Getting work and promoting myself & my business depends on me having access on the move all the time. I run events you see - and I always need to be pushing out and promoting events - 24/7. Gone are the days where i could just switch off and go home. It's exciting, but if I'm honest, tiring at the same time.

I love that I can Skype my Dad who lives out in Australia with his new wife, and technology helped save my relationship with my girlfriend too - when we shared Google calenders everything changed - she doesn't get so annoyed with me now as I don't double-book things. Although she does have habit of instragraming pictures of us, half smooching whenever we're anywhere vaguely romantic. It can be a bit off-putting, but if it makes her happy, what am I to do?

I don't really like Facebook, but I like seeing my friends and we tend to organise parties and BBQs using it. I left for some time, but rejoined after the third big social event I missed out on. The thing that really annoys me is when I find myself clicking refresh on my Twitter account on the train ride home - when I could be looking at the beautiful countryside out of the window. So, yes, I guess I have my face looking down quite a lot, but I am not as bad as some people around me on the train. One day I saw a guy looking his screen with such passion that he forgot to get off at his stop.

I like to do my own thing - and do my bit where I can, because I worry about the future; so I grow my own tomatoes, recycle and stuff, but when a phone upgrade is cheaper than getting my cracked screen fixed then what's a guy to do?

Then there's Angry Birds - I secretly love it - but I do always think what could all these clever coders build that could help protect or track endangered birds instead? Like some of the cool stuff 'Apps for Good' and 'Google Impact Challenge' are doing. And if the fashion industry is starting to get it sussed - shouldn't the technology industry too?

So, where do we go from here folks...?